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絞り染め神奈川沖浪裏#14 The great wave off Kanagawa

*written in English below


In the previous blog#13, all the tied part was untied and the whole work was checked. In #14 this time, the work of drawing fine parts and the outline of the pattern is done with a brush on the fabric that has been steamed.



The fabric is placed on top of the adhesive sheet and the cloth is fixed so that it does not move.



Fine pattern parts and outlines of the pattern are drawn with a brush.




Various types of small knives (e.g. A knife with two blades) are used to make patterns in the stencil paper, and a brush is used to stencil the pattern on the fabric.



Depending on the pattern, the color is not drawn up to the edge of the pattern, and the shibori texture is left by intentionally leaving a white frame.