-New Exhibition- 絞りで彩る京の秋展 the Kyoto's SHIBORI Autumn

September 13, 2016




the Kyoto's SHIBORI Autumn

the traditional dying skills and its 1300 years history



13.SEP ▶︎ 25.DEC




CLOSE: 3.Oct/ 1.Nov/ 1.Dec/ 7-10.Dec


美しくライトアップされた秋の紅葉を表現した、高さ2.5m x 幅6mの巨大な几帳。様々な絞染めの技法を駆使し描かれたのは、八坂の塔からの高台寺、知恩院、永観堂までが紅葉の合間に覗く絶景。几帳の紅葉は一枚一枚が、職人の手によって丁寧に紅く染め上げられています。 


There are so many noted places for its autumn leaves in Kyoto, although none of the places have shibori  autumn leaves. A HUGE SILK SCREEN (2.5m x 6m) of the autumn tints in the Higashiyama area by making full use of shibori techniques is displayed.





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